IAIOS is a project that reflects on old age and breaks with stereotypes of the elderly. We see yayos and yayas as active, innovative and stylish people. They inspire us in our designs that recover the "grandfather" sweaters for the young public.

Each sweater tells the story of a senior citizen

Most of our designs are inspired by the history and life of an elderly person. That's why, every time you buy a sweater IAIOS, we give you a printed biography of a yayo or yaya. Their lives, adventures and peculiarities.

You can download our digital edition with all the biographies below.


IAIOS recovers the sweater of a lifetime; the one that was made to last for many years. A sweater that is loved and cared for, just as our great-grandfather Amadeu taught us.

Avi Amadeu

Our grandfather Amadeu created the first sweater factory 5 generations ago. He was a very creative and enterprising person. His work inspires us to this day.


Cisquet is a grandfather with a lot of energy and knows a lot of things. Throughout his life he has done everything. He has been a carpenter, a doctor, an archaeologist, a reaper, mayor of Queralbs and much more. He is a person full of good will and inspiring.


Rosalina is a great artist. One of the first recognized female photographers of her time. She started with her brother's camera when she was very young and today she continues to photograph everything she sees around her. Her photographs are as sensitive and honest as she is.

Lola i Esteve

Lola and Esteve live in the Sierra del Cadi, among pines, onions and cypresses. They like to travel and tell everything they have discovered on their trips. Now Esteve has started to learn Chinese and gives us some tips.

Avi Mateu

LAvi Mateu is a born inventor. As a child he didn't have the opportunity to play much, so he has dedicated his whole life to making children happy. He invents all kinds of games with cardboard and objects he finds in his workshop. He has a huge collection of spinning tops.

"Old age exists when you start saying: I've never felt so young."

Jules Renard