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We have learned from our grandparents to make sweaters as in the old days.

Hands showing the material we use to recycle sweaters called flock.


The yarn in our sweaters is 100% recycled using a zero waste process. The spinning process consists of recycling leftover trimmings from textile mills to make yarn again. It is a process that does not generate waste and avoids going through the dyeing process (which is very polluting for water) and also saves 99% of water consumption.
Interior of the factory where the yarn cones are made.


Our sweaters are of proximity, thus avoiding the great environmental cost of long distance transport of products by plane, boat or truck. The entire production process takes place between Olot, Igualada and Granollers, thus favoring the economy of the area and ensuring decent work and transparency.

Girl wearing a jacquard sweater and scarf looking at the camera.


Once it has reached the end of its useful life, the customer can send the sweater back to us and we will make sure it is recycled again. Our sweaters have no buttons, zippers or other materials that may hinder the recycling process.Also the durability of the garment is very important to us, that's why we have designed a modern pattern with a timeless style, made to last for many winters.

Two boys and two girls with sweaters looking at the camera.


We want our sweaters to last for many years and for this reason, once a year, we offer a repair service. So, in summer we pick up all the sweaters that need it and we fix them so that the following winter they will be as good as new.


Older people are our inspiration to make calm and durable sweaters. Each sweater is named after an elderly person who has inspired us and with your purchase we give you a free paper biography.


  • Organic cotton

  • Proximity

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Customer reviews
Your sweaters are beautiful and last a long time. I wear mine all winter and love it.
Joan Clusella
There are few projects as coherent as this one. Moreover, the sweaters last very long and are beautiful.
Eleanor Pena
Tinc un IAIOS de fa 4 anys i està perfecte si no fos que els gats em van fer malvé el coll. But l'I have been able to repair thanks to your repair service. Impressive!
Teresa Gifré

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