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Garnet zipper sweater - Àvia Pia

Garnet zipper sweater - Àvia Pia

Precio habitual €79,00
Precio habitual Precio de oferta €79,00



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Men's sweater (UNISEX) 

Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
S 52 67 64
M 54 68 65
L 56 69 65,5
XL 58 70 66
XXL 61 71 66,5
3XL 67 73 67


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  • 5€ Spain
  • 9 € Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
  • 19€ Denmark, Finland, Sweden
  • 27 € Switzerland
  • 17,40 England


100% recycled with wool and acrylic
Approximately 20% recycled wool and 80% recycled acrylic

Why recycled acrylic?

IAIOS recovers a disused recycling technique, wool regeneration, which consists of recovering fabric waste with acrylic and wool to make yarn again.  

Around 92 million tons of pre-consumer textile waste are generated each year. Most of it contains acrylic materials. This is why the scraps we recycle contain acrylic and the value of our project is to give them a new life.


Scraps are recovered from textile mills such as spinning mills, garment factories, etc., and the pieces containing wool or wool with acrylic are sorted.


These remnants are separated by color and bundles are made with the different shades. 


The bales are carded to separate the fibers from the fabric. This results in a flock that has a texture similar to that of virgin wool. The flock of different shades can be mixed as in a painter's palette. In this way we avoid the dyeing process.


With the flock, the spinning process can begin. The first step is to put the fibers in the form of a churro or wick and wind it around a cylinder.


By twisting the wick, a much stronger and thinner yarn is obtained, which is wound into 1 kg cones. 


With the yarn cones you can design and knit the pieces that will be part of the sweater. In general: front, back, sleeves and neck.


The different pieces are sewn together. When making adjustments to the pattern, the scraps that are generated go back to point 1.


The ready-made garments are washed to eliminate unpleasant odors. They are also ironed and the size, brand and composition labels are sewn on.



You can wash it by hand (with cold water) or in the washing machine (maximum 30 degrees). We recommend turning it inside out to prevent it from balling up.


Avoid tumble drying. Simply leave it in the fresh air.


Avoid touching the fabric with the iron, only steam from a distance.



Often, simply letting the sweater air out is enough to remove the odor and avoid unnecessary laundering.

Put on and take off

Take it from below, without stretching it by the neck. This way, it will not deform.


The hanger should be placed underneath, not around the neck. It will last longer.

Repairing sweaters

If your jersey has become old we can repair it. Once a year we offer a repair service for those sweaters who need it. (ONLY IN SUMMER)

What do I do when the useful life of my sweater is over?

You can send us your sweater to our store and we will rethread it. Other options if the sweater cannot be used or given to someone else are to put it in a friendly clothing container (orange container). This organization will analyze the clothing to determine if it can be used as second-hand clothing. If it cannot, they will determine if it can be recycled. The IAIOS can be recycled very easily as they have no buttons or zippers and they do not mix materials. Therefore it will be easy to make yarn.

Finding Roba Amiga containers 

More collection organizations


Recycling in Olot (Girona)
Spinning in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental)
Woven and made up in Igualada (Barcelona)

Plain wine-colored sweater with unisex half-zip. The plain sweater is a perfect basic for any occasion. In this case, the maroon color can bring a touch of elegant color to your closet. The shape of the sweater is straight and timeless so it fits all bodies. We recommend that you take a size that fits you loosely.

*As a reference the model is 1.80 m tall and is wearing the size L .


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